Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Blog

Keeping up to date on all things hair and beauty isn’t just my business, it is my passion. Another passion of mine is writing. Gearing towards my love for all things creative, I enjoy nothing more than sitting down to write all about my work, my experiences within the hair and beauty industry and my thoughts and opinions on techniques, products and so much more.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a space on the internet where the writer and creator brings you fresh content on a regular basis, showcasing what means something of importance to them. For this blog, that is all things geared around my business and the people I encounter within it.

It is always nice to see someone review a product, or to gain inspiration from reading about other people’s hair and makeup journeys. You can learn so much, gain so much and I also like to think that it helps my potential clients get to know me a little before they actually meet me in person. I hope you enjoy the read! And please feel free to get involved! Like, share, comment. Become a part of the conversation!