Home Hairdressing:


Q. What do I need to provide for a Home Hairdressing Appointment?


A. Lucy will provide all the necessary hairdressing equipment including: heat tools, combs, brushes, products, colours, foils, bowls, tint brushes etc. All that you need to provide is adequate space to work in, facilities to wash your hair and electricity power points. A free standing mirror is always a bonus but not always necessary!


Q. Should I wash my hair before Lucy arrives?


A. No, it is always better for Lucy to see your hair in its natural state so that she can assess how it moves and sits of its own accord. IF the hair is wet it is much harder to create an adequate and thorough consultation.


Q. Is it OK to have my children with me?


A. Of course it is! Just let Lucy know upon booking your appointment and she can adjust the time needed for you in order to prevent stress or rushing around.


Q. Do I have to pay a travel or parking cost fee?


A. For certain bookings based outside of Horsham and in busy City Centres such as Brighton and Hove, London etc there will need to be a small charge to recover travel costs and parking fees. In the past, these were relatively small and Lucy need not add them to her booking totals, but nowadays costs have risen a lot and it is now something that she needs to do. Petrol costs are always worked out via a fuel calculator and parking fees are charged without hidden additions.


Q. What colours do you use?


A. Lucy uses colour predominantly from a certified brand called MATRIX, but can also be seen to use colours from Loreal, Wella and Crazy Colour too. If you have a specific colour brand and formula that you like to use, then please let Lucy know and she can always buy it in for you for a small charge.


Wedding And Special Occasions:

Q. Do you provide trials before the big day, and if so, who can have a trial and where is it held? 
A. Yes, a trial is a great way to practice your hair and/or makeup, ensuring that all goes well on the day and all major decisions are made prior to the special occasion. It minimises stress, helps you picture how you will look for your photos and is great for helping you get those butterflies flitting about in your tummy with excitement! Anyone who is having a service done on the day is welcome to have a trial, although the Bride is naturally the most important participant! Trials can be held in your home or at a location of your choice (with a call out charge which shall cover Lucy’s travel expenses, to be added to the total trial price), or at Lucy’s home for no travel cost, if convenient to all involved.
Q. How long before the wedding should I book for a trial?
A. Lucy recommends that all trials should take place no earlier than 6 weeks before the Wedding Day. 
Q. How long will a trial take?
A. The trials can take anywhere between 1 – 3 hours per person, depending upon the amount of services that are being booked. The key is to take time and not rush through things. It is time which is allocated just for you and is designed to get everything just as you would wish it to be. So, relax and enjoy the experience. It is all part of the fun! 
Q. What shall I bring for a trial?
Yourself, any hair accessories you may be wishing to incorporate into your final style and any makeup that you may wish Lucy to use instead of their own. Images of hair and makeup that inspire you are also welcome and great for helping communicate what you may or may not like. Pinterest, Instagram and Google are all great for browsing hair and makeup looks as well as Bridal, Hair and Fashion Magazines. If you are allergic to any makeup products then of course, let Lucy know as soon as possible. A quick and informal questionnaire shall also be sent to you prior to your trial to help Lucy gather as much information as possible from you so make sure this has been completed as well!
Q. How much notice should I give when booking Style with Grace’s Services for my Wedding?
As much as you possibly can, although Lucy always endeavours to fit people in wherever possible so it is always worth getting in touch to check availability. 
Q. Do I need to pay a deposit or sign a contract to secure my booking? 
A. Yes, upon booking your trial and dependant on whether you would like to employ Style with Grace Hair and Makeup Services for your big day, a non refundable 20%booking fee shall be required upon booking and is payable via cash, PayPal or Online Bank Transfer. Upon successful and satisfactory completion of your trial, you shall also be required to sign a mutual contract to confirm you shall indeed be booking Lucy’s services, and that Lucy shall be accepting your booking. This is to protect all parties from any unexpected circumstances which may lead to the booking not taking place.