It’s getting nearer! This year I am pulling out all the stops for Black Friday with my exclusive Black FRIYAY event for Style with Grace Hair and Makeup!

Think fun, think savings and freebies plus the chance to even treat your loved ones this Christmas! I’ve sat down (a rarity I must say!) and carefully planned out some AMAZING deals for you all to sink your teeth into. There’s a little something coming up for everyone, both clients who are newbies and all you lovely ones who are oldies but goldies! I’ve worked hard to create some exciting options for you all and I can’t wait to share them with you!

What happens for Black FRIYAY?

Style with Grace Hair and Makeup’s Black FRIYAY event begins on Thursday the 28th of November 2019 at 10AM. This is when I shall be sending out the Black Friday based offers/goodies to every single one of you who have been clever and signed up! You shall get first dibs on the special offers which means you can get in and purchase/book/enter etc before I then make said offers public on Friday the 29th of November. By signing up, you get a head start on the competition and increase your chances on grabbing some festive bargains.

How do I get included in Black FRIYAY?

Very easily! All you need is an email address. To sign up, simply private message me your email via the direct message service either here on my Facebook Page or here on Instagram.

And that’s it, I take care of the rest.

How long does Black FRIYAY go on for?

One weekend. Just ONE! This post and all other media related to the event and shall be withdrawn midnight Sunday the 1st of December 2019. Which is another reason why having that little bit of extra time from Thursday morning is always helpful.

I’m excited!

And I really hope you are too! As always, I am so grateful for all my client’s support for my business and am looking forward to all the fun this festive season is going to bring!


Lucy Grace xxx


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