Colab Dry Shampoo

I know! I have mentioned this non stop on social media, I included it within my monthly favourites post and now, here I am again, harping on about it with it’s very own review!

But, if I find a product that I love to the very core, then I am damn well going to shout out about it! From the roof tops if necessary.

I have spent so much time trying to find a dry shampoo like this. The hair product market is saturated with dry shampoos and I know everyone usually reaches for the old favourite Batiste. But, forgive me if you love Batiste, but I began to get increasingly irritated by the amount of residue it left behind on my hair and scalp. Not to mention the fragrance. If I see another cherry scented can of talc I am going to scream!

Enter this wonderful little gem of a product: Colab. Founded by beauty influencer Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends, this amazing dry shampoo soaks up greasy roots and leaves pretty much no trace of its application. It is light. It comes out in a really fine mist on to the hair. And it doesn’t leave that horrible, flaky residue that so many of its predecessors usually do.

The packaging is pretty and modern… grown up even. Not a cherry or shitty pattern in sight. The fragrances smell much more luxurious too. Vanilla, musky notes. I’ve had loads of compliments on my ‘perfume’ only to have to fess up that it is actually my dry shampoo!

I love to use the extreme volume dry shampoo the most. My naturally fine and flat hair can look a little lack lustre, even straight after washing.

I use Colab to give it some oomph and texture straight after it’s freshly blow dried. And the great thing is, because it doesn’t build up, I can reapply it every consecutive day after washing and stretch out times between needing to actually shampoo my hair.

It doesn’t break the bank either. You can get yours here for just £3.49!

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