January Favourites

As you can imagine, I get asked quite a lot about which products on the market are favourites and where they can be found as well as requests for keeping the price as low as possible (especially in January, Christmas is to blame for that!.)


I tend to shop around and try out lots of different things, not only because I am a self confessed product junkie (not the sniffing kind I assure you!) but also as a little way on ensuring I am consistently browsing the beauty market for what is on offer so that I can then share my findings with clients.


Monthly Favourites


In order to keep a record of my recommendations and to ‘hopefully’ be of some use to you, dear reader, I thought it would be a good idea to document all my top choices for the month here on the blog for your perusal. Some months there’ll be lots, some months not so much. I used to write a beauty blog and do something like this on there, but I found I felt pressure to constantly be buying amazing/high end/trending/jaw droppingly expensive products every month, and the whole thing soon fizzled out. This time is different though. No frills (thrills? Edit as needed!), no airs and graces and nothing but my honest, humble and professional opinion. And so, on with January…


Moisture Boost


My skin has been SO dry with all of this cold weather. I say cold, it’s only really gotten cold over the last week or so. The daffodils I saw springing up along hedgerows today lay testament to that and I wanted to leap out of the car, give them all a drying off with my hairdryer, push them back into their cosy soil beds and warn them not to get back up until March! But, anyway, since it has become so cold, my skin has become as dry as the Sahara…. an irony that really isn’t lost on me. 


And so I have been reaching for my trusty little moisture boosters, mostly for my lips and (strange as it may seem) my hands! These are most definitely my main culprits when it comes to dryness. My skin gets dry but responds to even the very basic of moisturisers but when it comes to my lips and my hands, I have to bring in the big guns. I’ve tried many brands over the years. Carmex was a favourite for a time, but I have never really been very keen on the smell. And the menthol actually left me with stinging lips rather than soothed ones. I actually love to use another well known champion, Vaseline Rosy Lips (on sale for just £1 in Boots at the moment, you’re welcome.) 


With subtle hints of rose and sweet almond and its really soothing moisture properties, I just can’t start my day until I have applied some. It’s not greasy either, which is a great perk and it has the very sheerest of tints to it. A real plus if I am running out on the nursery run and only have moments to pop on some mascara, this doubles up as a makeshift gloss too. Quick tip though, if you’re using this morning and night time then make sure you apply it before you pop on any moisturiser, as the tin can be a bit tricky to open with slippery hands. Speaking from complete experience after I almost dropped mine down the loo… could have been disastrous! 


Moving on to hands, I have been soaking mine with the Hemp cream from The Body Shop whenever and wherever possible. When I say my hands get dry, I mean that they resemble mosaic tiling. I daresay underlying eczema mixed in with over a decade of handling wet hair and chemicals haven’t really helped my hands stay in the happiest of conditions. And, for the most part, steroidal creams are the only real fail safe when it comes to keeping them fixed. But this hand cream is a great moisture boost to them and if I ever find the person who formulated it, I shall send them a thank you hamper and possibly track them down for a hug. It soothes, it moisturises, it sinks in without leaving greasy paw prints everywhere and despite having hemp in it’s formulation, it doesn’t smell too strong or make me hallucinate or flash my boobs (flash backs to college years!) so win win all round. As you can see from my image, my tube has been well used and I shall soon be purchasing another.  They’ve changed the packaging too which is a nice surprise too, I love a bit of tropical design influence. You can get your own batch for £12 here


Let it Glow


On to makeup and I have a real that has made it into my first monthly hall of fame. For any of you who like a bit of highlight in your makeup routine, let me introduce you to the Revolution Skin Kiss. I found this purely as a perk to a magazine purchase as it was included as the free gift. I’m always sceptical of the free gifts in magazines, as they inevitably fall into one of two camps: Terrible or Awesome. This is definitely awesome, as it has a really lovely fine formulation that you can build, depending upon how much intensity you like within your highlight. 


I usually use a dry powder brush and use a fine dusting over my cheek bones, down my my nose and across my cupid’s bow, if I’m feeling fancy.  You can use a wet brush for a more intense glow though, if you want to. It’s not cheap glitter but it still has pay off at the same time. I have the Golden Kiss shade which works well with my warm skin tone, but there are another two shades to choose from. And it’s on sale at the moment, which is always nice at the start of the year. Grab it for just £2.50 here and help your skin glow. It’s worth noting that the brand is also cruelty free, gluten free and vegan friendly.  Round of applause for Revolution please!


Pump up the Volume


Lastly, you may or may not have seen my post on my Facebook and Instagram talking about the wonders of Colab Dry Shampoo. It is the holy grail of dry shampoos! No chalky residue, grown up fragrances that don’t leave you smelling of cherries or bubblegum, low budget and with added bonuses such as formulations to add volume, shine etc. The brand was founded by a beauty blogger called Ruth Crilly who writes and films a blog for her website A Model Recommends. Not only is the dry shampoo a handy thing to have in your collection, but her content is also a must if you want to know the who’s who and what’s what in the land that is beauty and lifestyle. I’ll leave a little picture of before and after results when I styled my hair myself using Colab, the images speak for themselves really, fantastic stuff. 



I hope you’ve enjoyed this first little foray into the world of monthly favourites, please let me know in the comments which products, brands, items.. anything really, that you have loved using in the month of January, and I shall see you next time. 

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