The Importance of a Wedding Trial

I have regularly been asked by Brides to Be, ‘Is a hair and makeup trial absolutely necessary?’
The cost of weddings and a need to shrink the final bill wherever possible, is causing more women to skip hair and makeup trials. Now, I’m no stranger to saving pennies and am always happy to cut costs myself in life – wherever possible. If it helps the bank balance and I get to feel the buzz of a great bargain, then I am there! However, is it wise to skip a dress rehearsal for your final ‘look’ on your wedding day? 
I don’t think so. 

Why Are Trials Important for the Bride?

Wedding hair and makeup trials are as important for Brides as dress rehearsals are for actors. They give you a preview of what is to come, a peek into how you’ll look on ‘The Day’. It allows for any adjustments that may need to be made. They also allow you to meet your stylist, gain a rapport with them and ensure that you like how they work as well. They also help build up the excitement for the real thing too! So many times I have begun a trial with an anxious Bride who’s sister is driving her crazy and who’s bridesmaid has ended up pregnant and therefore the whole thing has become a complete stress and suddenly, being pampered with nice hair and makeup and being able to see a glimpse of the final results for the day, they instantly feel refreshed and boosted, ready to take on anything.

Why are Trials Important for the Stylist?

It also helps from a professional stand point too. I, myself, find wedding hair and makeup trials so unbelievably helpful as a stylist. Each trial session can take up to 3 hours, with a lengthy consultation. It is a chance to get to know my client, delve into their everyday hair and makeup routine, suss out any problem areas that may need addressing and gain an insight into their hopes and dreams of how they would like to look of their most special of special occasions. I even take the opportunity to pass on helpful tips and tricks as well! 
Skipping this important process leaves many unanswered questions, promotes poor planning and can even increase a Bride’s nerves on her Big Day. After all, this hair and makeup look will be following you around in pictures for years and years to come… they are your tangible proof of happy memories. You want to look your very best right? Which means it is always a wise idea to practice. 
 And you know how the old saying goes:
‘Practice makes Perfect’. 
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